18 Leadership Lessons from Editor Terrorence

Here’s what I learned from a year of guiding 30 incredible writers

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From meetings and trips to making Festember a success, we’ve come a long way. Source: Images captured by the author.
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Things that could have gone better

1. Art can exist beyond reason

2. Art also requires a certain cruelty

3. Which is the lie, the mask or my face?

4. Be on the same footing as the rest of your team

5. Don’t be a passenger who grabs the steering wheel

6. Teamwork is not a numbers game

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Things that went right (as a leader)

1. Don’t just iterate; evolve

2. Less planning, more execution. But plan nonetheless

3. (Feasible) Deadlines are your best friend

4. Own up to your faults (and those of your team)

5. Be assertive (firm yet compassionate)

6. Pick your battles but respect every cog in the machine

In memory of the trip that happened. Source: Image captured by the author.

Things that went right (as a team)

1. Create a safe environment for ideas to surface

2. Frame tasks as learning problems and not execution ones

3. Raise the actors by elevating the stage

4. Milestones aren’t always tangible

5. Sometimes you gotta push someone into a pool

6. Faith and trust work wonders

TCF ’18, TCF ’19, and TCF ’20 in all their splendor. Source: Images captured by the author.

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