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An exclusive interview with Dr. Greg Zeschuk, the co-founder of BioWare

Narratives with emotional beats and meaningful choices have always been at the heart of BioWare, one of gaming’s biggest juggernauts. And as a doctor-turned-developer, BioWare’s co-founder has been responsible for some of the best AAA games ever made. Dr. Greg Zeschuk spearheaded most of BioWare’s highly-ambitious projects, from the enduring Baldur’s Gate to the revolutionary Mass Effect.

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Dr. Greg Zeschuk, C.M. Source: gg.ca.

While Larian Studios is at the helm of the next Baldur’s Gate release, BioWare is hard at work on the next entry in the acclaimed Dragon Age franchise (and I hope they’ve got a secret Mass Effect game in the works). We had the privilege to speak with Dr. Greg Zeschuk recently. He is a man whose enviable career is as varied as it is remarkable. …

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A compelling card-based mini-game that went stand-alone in 2000

With over 50 million copies sold, the Witcher franchise has heralded a paradigm shift in the way role-playing games are perceived today. In no time, a minigame that merely complemented the Witcher experience blew up in popularity. With its own set of core rules and principles, the card game Gwent tied in seamlessly with the franchise’s open-ended nature. It merited a game of its own and went on to bolster the established potential of CD Projekt Red’s legacy. But over two decades ago, the RPG (role-playing game) Might and Magic accomplished a similar feat.

Back in 1999, the innkeepers in Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor would tempt unsuspecting players with a game of Arcomage. While the role-playing game had everything from detailed environments to bold quests and bolder monsters, the mini-game was a much-needed departure from the dangers that lurked at every turn. Cracking a cold one open with the boys over a card game is just as fun with vampires and dragon companions. …

It even has a physical keyboard!

XDA LineageOS Ubuntu keyboard F(x)tec Pro1-X IndieGoGo
XDA LineageOS Ubuntu keyboard F(x)tec Pro1-X IndieGoGo
“Ctrl + C” makes a comeback in 2020. Source: F(x)tec.

Known for giving the Android rooting and modding scene fertile ground to prosper, XDA is home to developers adept at making the most of any form of hardware. Their past is woven around mods like CyanogenMod and LineageOS, options that open a Pandora’s box of possibilities for smartphone owners. It is only fitting that they would decide to put their established heritage to the test in collaboration with a firm that has the same goal: freedom. A start that would begin with the revival of a relic: the physical keyboard.

Phones have had an interesting history with physical keyboards. While smartphones began to split from their chunky companions with the advent of touchscreens, hardcore advocates of the keyboard were persistent despite being on the losing side. Despite being a bird with its wings clipped, BlackBerry desperately tried to revive said dwindling crowd with its Priv and Key2 smartphones. …

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