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Writing at the zebra crossing between tech, games, and literature

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Characters that speak over a thousand words

Magicka is an absolute riot with friends. Paradox Interactive’s satirical action-adventure hides a trove of novel gameplay mechanics that set it apart from competing videogame mainstays. I have yet to see a game that beats Magicka’s spellcasting. Despite its loose ties to Norse myths, a Japanese lesson ended up granting me a strange revelation.

That honor belongs to Motorola’s ROKR E1 from 2005

Motorola ROKR E1 iTunes before iPhone Steve Jobs
Motorola ROKR E1 iTunes before iPhone Steve Jobs
Was the compromise worth it? For Steve Jobs, it wasn’t. Source: Image created by the author on Canva.

In 2004, the music industry was booming. iPod sales made up about 45 percent of Apple’s revenue before the iPhone was a thing. Even at the time, then-Apple CEO Steve Jobs knew that the iPod’s dominance wouldn’t last forever. It was only a matter of time before a rival came up with a better idea. His worst nightmare? Cellphones.

Today, the iPhone is responsible for over half the Cupertino giant’s revenues. But before the iPhone, Apple did a very un-Apple thing. They asked another company to create the first iTunes phone. Jobs believed that it was the quickest way to…

Pokémon LeafGreen and Emerald set my heart aflame

Enslaving pets and pitting them in a rock-paper-scissors turn-based duel doesn’t sound like kid-friendly material. Did I mention rock-paper-scissors? Pokémon captured our hearts either way.

Writing at the zebra crossing between tech, games, and literature

Antony Terence writer
Antony Terence writer
Yes, that’s a penguin clothed in a traditional veshti. Source: Image created by the author on Canva.
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My bio

Welcome! I am Antony Terence, a 22-year-old Indian who grew up in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Exploring cultures as a child gifted me a deep sense of appreciation for the unfamiliar.

I did my schooling in the Middle East before pursuing a degree in engineering at NIT Trichy, one of India’s finest institutions. That’s where I discovered a passion for writing, thanks to a content team that I was fortunate to lead. Today, I…

While the new M1 iMacs are blazing fast, those chins turn me off

Apple iMac 23.5 compare Pro Display XDR
Apple iMac 23.5 compare Pro Display XDR
Source: Image created by the author on Canva.

Apple’s aptly named Spring Loaded event on 4/20 revealed a couple of neat products with the usual cinematography that an Apple keynote revels in. Its 23.5" iMacs are its best yet, with Apple’s custom M1 silicon no longer restricted to MacBooks and the Mac mini. 85% faster CPU performance and up to 50% better GPU performance are claims that are no longer within the realm of fiction. The new Mac’s seven vibrant hues remind me of the original candy-colored iMacs that pushed Apple’s fortunes forward.

Equipped with a 4.5K Retina Display with 11.3 million pixels, Apple managed to cram a…

Here’s what I learned from a year of guiding 30 incredible writers

The TCF logo, designed in-house. Design credits: Vishnu Deepak.

“Death beckons me, shall I give in?
Upon my end, shall I begin?
Fresh from the hearse,
Lemme drop a verse.”
— Terrorence of Arabia circa 2019

Team Content for Festember (TCF) is one of the several teams that run the show at Festember, NIT Trichy’s national-level cultural festival (in India). Tomes can be written on the fest’s many sights and treats so I’ll get to the point. First off, here’s what we looked for and what our team members possessed in spades: the desire to create content. …

You don’t need a priest to convince me

After years of waiting, Microsoft and Relic Entertainment finally took the wraps off Age of Empires 4 at its Fan Preview event last Saturday. And while it is technically the fifth game in the two-decade-old franchise, even the developers at Relic see AoE 4 as a spiritual successor to what is arguably the most successful AoE title, Age of Empires 2.

And its predecessor is by no means dead, as an expansion for that very title was announced at the same event. AoE 4 isn’t going up against a zombie, it’s facing a powerful vampire that has yet to see…

Before bezels went extinct, chins reigned supreme

Source: Image created by the author on Canva.

The race to wipe bezels off the face of the Earth has led to an identity crisis. Today’s phones all follow the same pattern, that of packing some sweet internals between layers of glass. Sure, we’ve got high refresh rates and processors that could make an old computer blush. But gone are the adventurous smartphones that dared to dream. Things have truly gone downhill if having a headphone jack on a device is seen as a display of courage. Removable batteries and camera shutters? Forget it.

Phones were a whole lot cooler a few years ago.

In a desperate bid…


Featuring an exclusive conversation with Chainsawesome Games

Gauntlet meets Bomberman. That’s how I described Knight Squad 2’s explosive predecessor back when it defined my college days. Those LAN parties remain memories that I recall fondly. Years later, it’s beyond an honor to interview the team who had painstakingly created Knight Squad. Better yet, I got my hands on a review key to dive into battle as good-ol’ Savior (one among the game’s many knights).

Antony Terence

I write on everything from videogames to fictional narratives. Yes, that includes to-do lists. Words in SUPERJUMP, The Startup, Writing Cooperative, and more.

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