No, Microsoft Did Not Acquire Sony For $130 Billion

Don’t get hoodwinked by this Hispanic April Fools’ prank

Photo by Philip Veater on Unsplash

If you’ve noticed news circulating across social media about a certain Redmond-based giant acquiring the entirety of Sony’s media empire, hold off on the champagne. While it is too late for an April Fools’ prank, this year has been anything but conventional.

The news went viral when a Spanish site reported on the matter. Soon, several sites began to stir up a console war storm, dormant from the lack of next-gen console stock. Not everyone did their research before tossing their philosophical hats in the ring.

December 28 is observed as the “Day of the Holy Innocents” in several Hispanic cultures, celebrated in the vein of an April Fools’ affair. While you won’t see the news plastered across renowned publications, plenty of folk over at Twitter experienced the equivalent of having a wrapped Christmas present stolen. With that out of the way, console tribalism has now been restored.

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