Premium Windows devices aren’t as bad as you think. With that said, I agree that the new Macbooks have set a new baseline for performance, one that Windows laptops cannot match at the moment. Despite being in the Windows camp, I’ve actually begun recommending Macbooks to people now.

But while Apple’s new laptops are powerful, they still aren’t gaming-grade machines, limited both by good but not great GPUs and game support scarcity. And there are several obscure applications that have legacy Windows support but don’t work on Macbooks without some form of virtualization.

Let’s agree to disagree here. I know for a fact that a Macbook is a solid machine with plenty of advantages. But I am certain that I am not alone in believing that Windows devices have advantages of their own.

Comparing a Dell XPS 13 to a Whopper and a Macbook Air to an organic sandwich isn’t a great comparison because the former isn’t as terrible as you think it is.

I write on everything from videogames to fictional narratives. Yes, that includes to-do lists. Words in SUPERJUMP, The Startup, Writing Cooperative, and more.

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