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Seconds bleed into minutes, into hours
Third irises bear witness, rows and rows
Vast fields, sunflowers upon sunflowers
Live streams of yellow, flow endless as prose

In morn their carefree crowns seek Apollo
Rays heal crest-fallen, fine feast from the East
But in times when grim gloom leaves one hollow
Blooms root for each other, routine released

Backstage banter, polite pollen in turn
Sways one’s beat, soleil symphony, no dearth
Come morn, scenic sea of honey returns
Sky of bees testament to earth’s hale hearth

Divine pigment of imagination
Mellow yellow so yellow, salvation

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I write on everything from videogames to fictional narratives. Yes, that includes to-do lists. Words in Kotaku AU, SUPERJUMP, The Startup, and more.

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