Thank You For This W: 1000 Followers

My journey had both iterations and evolutions. Source: Nidemigod at DeviantArt.

There is no sense of dreaming when your hands aren’t riddled with calluses (those bits roughened by friction).

The first post at @antoccino, an Instagram account to showcase my work. Source: Image created by the author.

2020 changed everything

“If you wanted to write a novel, you’d have written one by now.”

My achievements at a glance. Source: Image created by the author.

A lucky(?) break

  • If you have to pick between quantity and quality, pick quantity (surprise). Constantly iterating on a piece means little if you don’t put it out there.
  • You can’t write 30 terrible pieces in a row. Publishing your work makes it open to criticism, letting you learn from your mistakes.

Next came the little wins.

Manifesting the future

I didn’t earn a cent from Medium but I gained a priceless sense of fulfillment.

Hello there! Antony here. Source: Image captured by the author.



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Antony Terence

Antony Terence

0.2M+ views. 5x Top Writer. Warping between games, tech, and fiction. Yes, that includes to-do lists. Words in IGN, Kotaku AU, SUPERJUMP, The Startup, and more.